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Topics: Religion, Human rights, Thought Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: December 13, 2012
What has my Christian Service taught me about my Christian faith these past four years?
Over the past four years I have grown immensely not only physically but also mentally. My first three years at Carmel I did my ministry at the local fire department and I loved every minute of it. This taught responsibility because I quickly learned that if I make a simple mistake I not only hurt the firefighters but I would also hurt the people that they are helping. The firefighters inspired me because they risk their lives to save other people’s, because of this I decided that if they can risk their lives to help people I can help people in smaller ways without risking my life. I started this by changing my prayer before I go to bed. As an incoming student to Carmel I would pray before bed and talk to God about how my day went and to ask him for another good day tomorrow. After seeing how the firefighters do so much for people I started to include other people into my night time prayer. I would pray for those less fortunate than me and ask for inspiration to help other people more.

When I was finally a senior I decided to change my ministry to help with a local version of Habitat for Humanity. I found out that a local Boy Scout troop would let me help them repair houses even though I was not a Boy Scout. They welcomed me with open arms and we got to work right away. We completely remodeled the house and the old man was so happy. We brought back his human dignity by raising his standard of living. Human dignity is something that everybody deserves but not everybody gets, but in this case the man regained his human dignity and he was so happy that it made all of my hard work worth it. This semester I was taught all about human dignity and now I have seen both effects of it, a man without human dignity and at the end a man with human dignity and it is an unbelievable change. I am so glad that I got to help this troop this semester.

Carmel having their students do...
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