Mining Policy in the Philippines

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The mining policy in the Philippines is meant to signal investors that the government is putting up a stable business environment. They say that it is a big step to achieving economic growth because of the solutions it offers. It will greatly help the preservation of mineral resources in our country. It seeks to boost government revenues through the five-percent royalty tax on new extractions to in areas to be declared as mineral reservations. I admit that this new policy could be good for us but what do we have to lose to be able to keep up with it? How much more pollution can we really take, how many people have to die for this again, what is the price we have to pay for the success of this policy? The government officials must stand firm with their decisions but in turn give us the real facts, not just the bright side or the advantages. What usually happens is that they get us all hyped up about all these advances but the thing is we are utterly clueless if the disadvantages and sacrifices we have to take. Next time they pass a law, they have to be transparent with all the facts, whether or not it’s good or bad. We would appreciate it more if they shared all that they know instead of just giving us a pair of rose-colored glasses and expect us to just go along with it. They have to understand that they may have the power to make and implement laws but that doesn’t mean that they can abuse their power for personal gain. Sensitivity to everyone’s state of being is very important in order to be an effective leader.
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