Minimizing Brand Clutter

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Running head: Minimizing brand clutter

Minimizing Brand Clutter

Avé Espinosa

Test Drive College

Brand clutter in the modern day is ridiculous and out of hand. I find myself dreading going into the large grocery stores such as Wal-Mart and Target just because I know I will spend most of my time in the store trying to make choices. One of the worst departments in my opinion is the make-up department. I walk through the aisles searching for an eye liner pencil that I would like to purchase, and I am hit with a barrage of not only several brand names, but 20 different eye liners made under the same brand, of all different colors and textures, some liquid, some pencil, some charcoal, and all different prices. I spend more time picking out a simple eye liner pencil than I spend in the check outline trying to get out of the store. And that is only one item of the 30 or more items I have on my shopping list.

I believe brand simplifying is a wonderful idea and would better allow consumers around the word to waste less time in grocery stores and would allow more time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Also, with fewer brand choices, we could downsize the size of the grocery store buildings. It takes me all day to navigate through the maze of aisles inside a Wal-Mart, their length attributed to the “options” on each and every shelf.

For this very reason, Peter Sealey and coauthor Steven M. Cristol wrote and published Simplicity Marketing: End Brand Complexity, Clutter, and Confusion. In their book, Sealey and Cristol write about the current state of brand marketing, and how, instead of pushing too many choices on consumers, companies should concentrate on “simplifying customers' lives or businesses in ways that are inextricably tied to brand and product positioning."

Sealey has firsthand experience with brand complexity in his past careers where he worked first with Procter & Gamble where he introduced new...
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