Mindful Listening Skill in High School

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MINDFUL LISTENING SKILL IN HIGH SCHOOL IN AMERICAN AND VIETNAM Mindful listening skill is an important characteristic that can solve some constructive intercultural conflict management. The question is ‘What should intercultural conflict parties do?’ In my opinion, there are “listen mindfully to each other” and “listen responsively”. Warrilow (2011) points out that “Mindful listening is when you are not thinking and you remain fully present whilst the other person is speaking”. It is very effective to listen carefully and responsively during the communication or debate. The method can help someone understand each other. Through the method, their opponents can feel that you are listening attentively, also “listen responsively” show how much you care and understand your partner issue and give a best answer for your conversation to avoid intercultural conflict. For instance, after you hear your friend says about her/him problem, you must analyze word by word to understand what problem that your partner have and evaluate your partner situation to give her/him a best answer. You should focus on listening responsively to the “sound, tone, gestures, movement, pauses, nonverbal nuances and silence” (Le Thi Thanh Hoa, 2011, p. 43). Another definition, “Mindful listening requires paying attention to the person you are listening to, which means actually being in the present moment and not thinking about the past, future, or attempting to multitask and perform other actions” . (Charlie Scott, 2010, The SANS Institute – Get out of Your Own Head: Mindful Listening for Project Managers, p.4). In high school, teenage always have conflict conversation because of lacking mindful listen skill. They do not have a comprehensive development in their mind so mindful listening skill can help them to avoid the conflict conversation between them and their friends.

In Vietnam, lacking mindful listening skill can lead to conflict conversation even fighting between students in...
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