Mind Mapping and Students' Autonomy

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Idea Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The Aim of the Research 
departing from the idea that mindmaps have a great effect on one’s critical thinking that is crucial for learners’ effecive and autonomous learning, this Research aims to find out the effects of using mind mapping on learners’ autonomy. How :This aim can be reached by introducing the mind mapping tool into the learning process of medical students and by investigating the way mind maps can help them memorise ,recall ,understand and learn new information. The research structure

The research will have five chapters.The content of the chapters will be as follows: Chapter 1 will outline the field of mind/ concept mapping and provide an initial focus on the research problem . It will introduce the research questions ,propositions and assumptions as well as providing a justification for the research. Chapter 2 will be a literature review that takes the impact of using mind maps on one’s brain and memory, thinking , productivity, confidence, learning by doing ,and time management. It will also deal with the different uses of mind maps and their effectiveness in education as a teaching and learning tool. Chapter 3 will deal with the characteristics of autonomous learners. Chapter 4 will present the raw data, an analysis of the data as well as the data collection instruments.It will contain a number of tables and feagures. Chapter 5 will contain the implications and conclusions derived from the research ,and makes some propositions and research problem conclusion. It also recomend areas for further research in the field of mind mapping and learning by doing and learing how to learn.
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