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Topics: Newspaper, Mass media, Journalism Pages: 4 (1012 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Warm greetings I bid to honourable chairperson, wise and just adjudicators, precise time keepers, my fellow independent team of workers, members of the floor, and last certainly not least, my wise but confused opponents, salutations to all.

The day has united us together in one place with one common motive that is to debate on the motion “This House Believes That Newspaper Are A Thing From The Past.”

I as the first speaker of the affirmative will first define the motion for today. Three key phrases need elucidation. Newspaper is a paper that is printed and distributed daily that contains news, articles of opinion, features, and advertising. A thing of the past on the other hand means something that is perceived as inferior when compared with newer alternatives.

Hence, the motion for today simply means that “Newspapers become an inferior media because the public prefers different media alternatives.” We shall prove it with our own words to everyone, in just a couple of seconds.

Members of the parliament,
Our team comprises of 3 independent workers in building a bridge, where I as the first speaker of the affirmative team will build its pillars of support by discussing our team’s 1st point. Next, our second speaker will place a road on the refined pillars by talking about our next two points. Finally, our third speaker will sustain all the support the bridge demands. Our bridge will let everyone to pass through it in order to reach the real truth we wanted share.

As I have done with my elucidation, now please allow me to move on to my first point which is, “People no longer consume media in a linear way because they prefer to pick what news they consume”

Members of the parliament,
People in nowdays prefer different media alternatives that enable them to consume news faster , easier , cheaper and more standard in a way and the best solution for this problem is the internet. When internet was opened for residential customers, a lot of companies...
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