Migration in Eu Member States

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Migration in EU Member States

Is the EU policy sufficient considering a constant increase of immigrants in Europe?

Table of content


General European Circumstances
1.How many immigrants are in Europe (Legal/Illigal)
2. rights of immigrants
3.Integration minister
5.Sinus Study
6.Bundesamt for immigration
7.Investigating actual abilities despite poorness
EU migration and integration policy

EU entrance countries

Situation France
Situation Netherlands
Situation Germany
Situation Italia

Integration improvement proposals



Immigration Problems
1.How to regulate immigration flow referring quality and quantity 2.Take a look at Canada’s integration policy
Integration problems
1.How to encourage a “we” between locals and immigrants 2.Lack of awareness of foreign cultures
3.Lack of appreciation of work or/and working skills
4.Analyzing national integration programs
5.Check transparency and feasibility of nation education systems for immigrants 6.Influence on national
a.Stern: wie gefährlich ist der Koran; schwarzes cover ;
b.Splitting instead of concilitating
c.Create national fear
d.Ehrenmord v.s Familiendrama

7.Respect of foreign religion: Integration on both sides – People are strange when you are a stranger 8.How and from whom are integration and social employees trained a.How are they doing heir Job

b.Are they open and willing to truly understand the needs of immigrants c.
Solution Proposal taking Germany as an example
1.Offer special education programs for immigrants according to national need of human resources. 2.Increase force of learning national language
3.Subsidiaries on companies for integration efforts
4.Step by Step incensement of regulation
5.Encouraging abilities despite poorness by EU Regulation


To give a broad overview about the situation of immigrants in Europe facts, figures and Problems are laid down. Then the EU immigration policy is explained
Afterwards national circumstances and entrance countries are described. To give concrete examples how national integration policies are executed the migration policies of France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy are described in depth. By taking these four EU founding nations as an example, distinctions in approaching migration, integration and anti-discrimination are revealed.

After providing EU immigration policy knowledge and awareness of national immigration circumstances, the co-relation between national approaches and the EU policy is analyzed and finally interpreted. Finally conclusion and detailed improvement proposal are given. Immigrants in Europe

Immigration is a sensitive issue in EU, where the European Commission estimates there are up to 8 million illegal migrants. More than 200,000 illegal migrants were arrested in the EU in the first half of 2007, fewer than 90,000 were expelled. In its 2005 Action Programme on immigration, the European Commission stresses that 54% of first-generation immigrants with university degrees born in the Middle East and North Africa live in Canada or the United States, whilst 87% of those who have not completed their primary education or have not gone beyond primary or secondary school are in Europe

European migration and integration policy
Since signing the Maastricht treaty in 1992, the EU member states are working on a common migration policy. Issues such as anti-discrimination, asylum, immigration, and integration are discussed. Migration issues fall under intergovernmental law, so a state remains its sovereignty in implementing the EU migration policy. The first international integration effort certainly was: •UN Convention relating the status of refugees

After the 2nd World War the United...
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