Immigration Policy in Canada, 1867 to Present

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  • Published : June 4, 2006
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Part 1: Overview
Immigration Policy in Canada

To start with this research report I am going to introduce the exact meaning of the term immigration policy. Immigration Policy is a Canadian Act written in the Constitution, which allows people from different countries in the world to come to Canada. These people have intentions to be loyal to this country and stay here for a short period of time (3 years) to earn their citizenship. In different countries policies depend, number 1) is on "isolationism" which means that people are not allowed to come from other countries of the world, and 2) "free immigration" which applies to Canada, people in general are allowed to come from different countries in the world. In Canada the immigration policy is integrated into "building the country". The future of Canada depends on the formation and laws being put to maintain that policy. (, Feb 21 2006, Charles M. Campbell, Feb 2000 pg 6). The year 1869, was the year where "the first immigration policy" was written in the Canadian Legislation. This marked a huge step forward for our country to become more diverse, and open a wide variety of doors to millions of people who wanted to come to this country. From that time on millions of immigrants have come and gone in and out of this country for more than a century. Clifford Sifton was one of the first politicians to be "Minister of the Interior". He was very intelligent to promote people to come to the West Coast of Canada. Many of the people that came during this period were mostly from Eastern Europe. The only reason that "more than 3 million people" came to Canada from 1891-1914 was because Sifton had a desire to solve the economic problems of Canada during that time under Laurier. Also this period of history was the most important economic boom for Canada because new railways were being built, it was the time of the "gold rush", new...
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