Migrant Workers

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  • Published : November 3, 2008
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I belive migration to be one of the cemtral issues of our times. Each year millions of men and women leave their homes and cross national borders in search of greater human security for themselves and their families. Most are motivated by the desire for higher wages and better opportunities, but some are forced to leave their homes on account of famine and poverty, natural disasters and environmental degradation, and violent conflict or persecution. Most migration is between neighbouring countries, but greater access to global information and cheaper transport mean that geography now poses less of a barrier to movement. More and more countries are now involved with migration, either as origin, destination, or transit countries, or all of these simultaneously.The factors motivating migration are many and complex: Poverty, wars, famine and repression are certainly among the major causes of migration, but there are other factors as well. Reasons individuals cite for crossing national borders include population pressures on scarce natural resources, wage or income inequality between the poor and rich countries, growing urbanization, reduction in the cost of transport and communications and increasing interactions among societies, civil conflict and absence of human rights, and establishment of migration networks by earlier migrants. It is generally recognized, however, that both increasing differences between countries and the lack of gainful employment, decent work, human security and individual freedoms help explain much about international migration.

While international migration can be productive for economy of both host conuntries and countries of origin, as developingcounties find cheap manpower source in migrant non-skilled or semi-skilled workers and country of origin gains income which people living abroad bring into it, but at the same time, many migrant workers suffer poor working and living conditions. Their terms of employment may be better than...
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