Microsoft and Computers

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Computers, what a wonderful thing!

Technology is one of the greatest inventions ever made! I can honestly say computers are the best technological inventions of the last 100 years. Computers can do things people can’t even think of. For example, most car factories build cars with computerized robots. You can webcam, make songs, beats, search the internet and pictures.

To begin with, I can honestly say computers will always be the best invention made. With today’s society, computers come in handy and are very useful. Marketing companies, Wall Street, major companies like those use computers. With computers, you can upload files, download files, and download anything you want from the internet. You can view files from Microsoft word or PowerPoint or even Excel. Next, major car companies use computerized robots to make cars. I honestly feel bad, because thousands of people lost their jobs due to computerized robots. Now there are even some cars that can park its self without touching anything. Computers can do a lot of things; I just don’t know all of it. Finally, computers are much more different from computers a hundred years ago. It wasn’t even able to do half the stuff it does now. You can even look at the earth, other planets, outer space; you can even look at people’s houses, search directions, ask millions of questions and get answers. Man computers are one great invention. I don’t even know what us people can do without it. Some things won’t even exist if it wasn’t for computers. A lot of things would have been unknown without the help/inventions of computers
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