Microfinance Research Methodlogy

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Research refers to a systematic gathering & analysis of data about problems relating to interest. The research process consists of following steps:
1.Formulating the research objectives & research problems 2.Choice of research design
3.Determining the source of data
4.Designing Data collection forms.
5.Processing & analyzing collected data
6.Preparing the research report.

1. Formulating the research objective/research problem
* To find out what does MFIs mean and its functions.
* To review history of MFIs industry.
* To find out factors play a major role in increasing the demand for MFIs advances in India. * To find out problems in the MFIs industry
* To find out Major challenges of the MFIs industry
* To find out key trends in the MFIs industry.
* To review MFIs industry structure
* To find out main factors that affect MFIs products in India. * To find out demand drivers of MFIs industry
* To review MFIs segment in India.
* To find out different factors (PEST) affecting MFIs industry. * To find out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of MFIs industry. * To find out five forces for MFIs industry.

* To find out Environments for MFIs Industry in India.

Any research project starts with defining the research objective/research problem. Similarly, this research project started with formulating the research objective, that is, “Financial Derivatives – as a Tool For Portfolio management”. Financial Derivatives is dawn in Indian financial market and hence most people do not know the basic fundamentals of it. A common investor cannot understand easily that When, Why and how to use it. I have selected this objective, and also because of having personal interest in this topic. Personal interest plays a major role in selecting research objective as no researcher can continue his/her research in a nice fashion, in absence of personal interest. 2.Choice of Research Design

Research design is a specification of methods & procedures for acquiring the information needed for solving the problem. It is a master plan or a model to conduct the formal investigations. There are mainly 3 types of research designs:

This project is based on exploratory study. Since exploratory research design helps in exploring or searching through a problem or situation to provide insights & understanding this study also provide the same about the financial derivatives and particularly futures and options on stocks and index its strategy. 3.Determining sources of data:

The next step is to determine the sources of data to be used. There are mainly 2 sources of data: 1.Primary data
2.Secondary data
Primary data refers to the data collected by the researcher for his research specifically. Secondary data is the data that has been collected by some one else and already existed in one or the other form. This report is based on secondary data for my research project. Secondary data helped me to have knowledge about and to be familier with financial derivatives, it at different level etc. 4.Designing Data Collection Forms:

I decided to use primary data collection source, I had to decide which data collection forms to use: Mainly 2 methods of data collection forms are used:
1.Observation and reading
2.Informal interviews.

5.Processing & analysing the collected data
Tables, graphs followed by analysis and interpretation were carried out to have useful information from the collected data. 6.Preparing the Research Report
Once the data was collected, interpreted and analyzed, the last stage of my project was to prepare the research report. The research report was prepared in a systematic format and various graphs & charts were used to describe the data collected. Although report writing needs some skills, which can be developed with...
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