Michael Jackson Psychological Development

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Amanda Sanders
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August 28, 2012

Psychological development is essential in shaping the personalities, behaviors, and morals of human’s. Many factors influence the development of an individual’s psychological makeup; including heredity and environment. Michael Jackson is quite possibly the most famous person to live during the 21st Century. Born August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana to struggling middle-class parents, Michael learned all too quickly the reality and price of being famous. Although the world adored him from the moment he was a small child as a member of the Jackson Five and throughout the rest of his life, it was difficult to ignore the obvious changes to his physical appearance and peculiar behaviors. In order to understand who Michael Jackson was as a person and as an entertainer, one must acknowledge and understand what his life was like from childhood on. The many negative forces surrounding him had an enormous impact on his psychological development both morally and emotionally.

Part I
Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958; he was the seventh of nine children born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson. Joseph Jackson was a strict disciplinarian and had the reputation for bullying his children into the music business. In 1962 Joseph organized a family band made up of his children, Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, and Marlon. Michael joined the group at age five when it was discovered that he could imitate the dance steps of James Brown and had a distinct singing voice. He then began his career performing with his brothers in the group the Jackson 5. Michael grew up in front of 100 million people since the age of five, and automatically felt different. His childhood was completely taken away from him. There was no Christmas, no birthdays. Michael Jackson never had a normal childhood, there were no normal pleasures of his childhood. Those were exchanged for hard...
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