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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Arthel John G. Bendo

Sociopsychological tradition is a communication tradition that studies and explains “man as a social being”. The perpetrator of the said tradition was the Psychologists Carl Hovland , headed 30 researchers at Yale University. There is vast tradition literature on how media affects us, and we can only take an aerial shot of it here by providing an overview of three large theoretical programs within this tradition. The first looks at the effects tradition in general, the second focuses on how individuals use media, and the third points to how individual use media, and the third points to one cultural outcome of media effects. Theories under sociopsychological tradition

* Agenda Setting Theory The mass media may not be successful in telling us what to think, but stunningly successful in telling us on what to think about. Hovland and his colleagues discovered that a message from a high credibility source produced large shifts in opinion compared to the same message coming from a low credibility source. Agenda setting works in two levels

1. Establishes the general issues that are important
2. Determine the parts of aspects of those issues that are important Do you still remember the controversial report of Ms. Korina Sanches about a whitening product that allegedly contained high dose of mercury. The message came from a person with high credibility and look what happened with that company they almost lost their business. Truly the media dictates the public opinion. Earlier we have (T.V., Radio, Print ) but now another one is added that one is equally influential with those three the social media. There is a study conducted about the effects of social media one of which is that social media like facebook and tweeter promotes low self-stem and insecurities. Some particularly Teenagers feel envy with the post of some of their friends that show what they are doing, where...
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