Methods for Child Observation

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Child Observation Methods

1. Anecdotal Record
Thursday, September 6th, a little girl ”M“ comes to daycare in the morning a little bit late, at 10:15am. When she arrived her classmates were about to have a snack and she was very excited to see everybody. “M” gave her teacher a hug with her two arms. Then she turns to her mom and says: “Bye, Mommy!” and ran to the classroom. “M” was trying to grab the chair with her left hand to sit down and have a snack with her friends. 3 boys and 2 girls were sitting at the same round table. After trying twice to get a chair, she decided to use both hands to pull the chair out. “M” walked around the chair, bent down her knees and pulled the chair under her as she sat. She slowly sat down in the chair. She looks around the table what the other children do. “M” was ready for a snack she rolled her eyes when her teacher gave cereal. “M” holds the spoon in her left hand. She put her pointer finger in the cup of cereal and was trying to feel colored balls. “M” was giggling to herself with happy positive attitude.

“M” is very mature for her age and she knows how to behave at the table with her classmates. She can eat independently, and she can move each of her fingers separate or together.

2. Running Record

Time| Observation (Objective)| Comments (Subject)|
10:10 | “E” is sitting at the table and drawing a picture that the teacher put on the board for her to do. She holds the crayon in her right hand. And she is holding the paper in her left hand. “E” is drawing a picture of her family then the teacher went over to her and she said: “Nice work”. The girl was very happy when the teacher complemented her.| “E” focusing on how she is working on the picture. She was working so hard that the other kids were surprised how good “E” was doing. | 10:15 | “E” is still sitting at the round table drawing a picture on a white piece of paper. She grabbed a box of crayons with her right hand. She wasn’t really...
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