Methodology: Software Engineering and Requirements Gathering

Topics: Software engineering, Requirements analysis, Software development Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: July 7, 2011
2.1 Fourth Generation Techniques (4GT)

Figure 2.1 4GT
The developers used the fourth generation technique (4GT) as the system development methodology to be applied in this study. 4GT encompasses a broad array of software tools that have one thing in common, each enabled that the software developers to specify some characteristics of software at high level. There is a little debate that the higher the level at which software can be specified to a machine, the faster the program can be built [PRES1997]. The four (4) phases of Fourth Generation Technique (4GT) were relevant to the system to provide a circulation processing of each phase. The developers used the 4GT in developing the system because of it was easy and convenient. They need not to go through the entire phase whenever error is committed. They could go back to any stage. Likewise, this methodology is most applicable to transaction processing system (TPS). It includes the 4 phases such as Requirements Gathering, Design Strategy, Implementation using fourth generation technique (4GL) and Testing.

1. Requirements Gathering
Requirement gathering is a process of collecting the user needs to solve a problem or issues and achieve an objective. It is basically a software capability needed by the user to solve a problem or achieve an objective. This is really an important phase/ milestone in a project life cycle. If the requirement gathering is not done properly/ completely, all the hierarchy phases given below stay incomplete, no matter how best the design, until and unless requirements are complete. So we should carefully plan and carry out the requirements gathering with a systematic approach. The developers did some observations regarding the transaction in the company, which eventually led to the discovery of problems of the said institution. In return, these gave the developers the idea to formulate the...
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