Method of Promotion

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Methods of Promotion Table
Promotion Method| Defined| Example of organisations that have used this type of promotion| What are the advantages of using this for a small business?| What are the drawbacks of using this for a small business?| Television| Advertisements on television using sound and vision to attract a certain audience during certain programmes ad breaks| Volkswagen with a new 2012 beetle is shown at 10pm whilst hotel GB is on a new and largely popular programme| Have huge exposure to a market of many different people within a region, they can also get there target market at any time to get the right audience | The cost for prime time TV advertisement is extortionate so making it not very cost effective to a small un established business. Small company’s don’t have enough capital for a huge prime time TV advertisement to wait for sales increase to make it back| Radio| A audio advertisement to a large audience and all audio based jingles and tunes to attract a catchy tune for the audience to remember audio wise not just visually| Wain walkers they advertise their location and mention about quality meats with a catchy jingle making it effective for radio use| Low cost and you can broadcast to a specific area of people within a vicinity of your location also you can get a lunchtime or morning slot classed as prime time | It’s more cost effective than a TV advertisement but still fairly expensive and it’s only effective if you have a good catchy tune to a jingle. Also the cost of producing a good radio advertisement in the short space of time could cost a lot if it doesn’t perform for a small business to pay for and maintain.| Local newspapers| A worded advertisement with an image or logo representing your company on a local based scale (small) for local people to know about | Wrights landscapes advertise on the front of the towns local paper and they advertise all the landscape and surfacing they can give as a company| You can get...
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