Message from Garcia

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How is one mans ability measured? Judging him based on his vocabulary? Possibly his actions? In "A Message to Garcia" speaks about the war between Spain and the United States, Cuba needed to communicate with the leader of the Insurgenets by the name of Garcia. He was in the mountains of Cuba, no where to be found during this time. The president demanded to find him rapidly, someone then mentioned to him that a man named Rowan would assure to find him. This well-reputated man was then requested by the president to deliver a letter to Garcia. Without any questions asked he took the letter, sealed it in an oil-skin pouch and strapped it over his heart. After a few long weeks, taking this journey on foot, this determined man was successful upon his search and granted the letter into the hands of Garcia.

The meaning behind this story is the dedication of ones effort to reach the highest goals no matter how difficult or confusing they may be. Also about the opposite character who tries to take any short cuts down the road that'll get them to what they need as soon as possible. A man who is willing to intake the most ridiculous of requests, and is able to get them finished without any fuss, would make it further in life and is well known and highly liked by anybody that knows him and or knows about him. This type of character sends out a positive feed back to anybody who has ever had the chance of working with him and know that it would be anybodys' loss if they ever tried to lead him to go else where. The other individual, on the other hand, is not so fonded by others and is known to be indolent. This man slacks his works and does not get it done the way it is asked to be done. He is not recomended in any high genre of business like or anything that has to do with a hard-working effort enviroment.

In conclusion, the man who cries for help every time will be roaming the streets in the hopes that somebody will dare take him in, somewhere that has not heard of his...
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