Mercy Killing

Topics: Suffering, Euthanasia, Death Pages: 14 (4891 words) Published: February 8, 2013
RUNNING HEAD: Euthanasia (mercy killing) Should Permitted In Cases of Terminally Ill Patients 1

Brenda M. Walls-Booth

Professor Jena Thrasher-Sneathen

PHI 210

September 2, 2012

The topic I chose is Euthanasia (mercy killing) should be permitted in cases of terminally ill patients. Euthanasia is from the Greek word to "die well." In other words, "a good death." Some people call it the act of killing a person who suffers from a mental or physician condition. "Mercy Killing," is another name for it. Euthanasia (mercy killing) or physician-assisted suicide/PAS, is a confusing and heart-wrenching issue for many. We are all likely to face difficult end-of-life choices at some point, whether for ourselves or for a loved one. I know for me that this is a very hard decision, as much as I would like to be support Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide/PAS, I could not allow this to be done because of the moral issues and it’s against what GOD stands for. One shot is all it takes to kill a loved adored family member. But is an injection of death a good way to die? With lack of judgment and a bad day someone could be killed. Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide/PAS is putting people to sleep just like you would put to sleep your dog when he gets too old. Where do we draw the line between murder and helping patients? Is a doctor putting patience to sleep considered murder"? Who makes that decision? I watched my sister suffer with pancreatic cancer from the time that she was diagnosed until she passed away. Every time she went for her chemotherapy treatments and returned home, she was sick to the point that she just stopped going places and doing things with the family. I can remember the call that I received from my niece, when they had left the doctor’s office and he had inform them, that there was nothing else that they could do. The cancer has spread through the stomach lining. At that point my sister made the decision to stop the chemotherapy and the doctor put her and family in touch with Hospice. I can still remember the comment that was made by the nurse, “we are here to make her comfortable living with cancer not to help her die”. By legalizing assisted suicide could send us down a road from which there is no return. We can do far more to aid suffering patients by improving pain management and mental health care through legislative reform than we can by legalizing their self-destruction. I did not expect to get the results that I did receive on Euthanasia (mercy killings) or physician-assisted suicide/PAS. I would like to say that the split was 30/70, which was very surprising to me because I was thinking that the split would have been 50/50. After taking the survey, I found out that most people are against Euthanasia (mercy killings). Based on the comments that I received from my survey, regarding mercy killings and how it was against GOD’s commandments, while others stated that people should not have to suffer and be in pain all their life if there is no cure for their disease. But just think is an injection of death a good way to die? With lack of judgment and a bad day someone could be killed and how do you bring them back or even live with it. As much as we do not want to see our love ones suffer and be in pain, I just don’t believe I could go through Euthanasia with any of my family members. As much as I may love them I can’t have their death on my hands. Euthanasia (mercy killings) or physician-assisted suicide/PAS, is a decision that you will have to live for the rest of your life. Even though that love one may be suffering and in pain, can you really honestly say that you could be responsible for helping them to die and is this something that you will be able to live with yourself for the rest of your life.

It's important to understand the distinction between the terms "assisted suicide" and "euthanasia." The...
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