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Restaurant Name:



It was required to brainstorm and identify concepts for a restaurant or food service operation that we would like to own or run.

These questions will be answered further in the portfolio:

a) The location of the restaurant.

b) The history of the restaurant.

c) The overall theme of the restaurant and how appropriate it is for our market. Also what would encourage members of our market to find our theme compelling over all other competitors.

d) If the menu is covering a particular meal period or is it California Style.

e) The categories that we intend to present our food items and in what order.


A restaurant prepares and serves food, drink and dessert to customers. Meals are generally served and eaten on premises. Restaurants vary greatly in appearance and offerings, including a wide variety of cuisines and service models.

JAMALAGRE RESTAURANT and LOUNGE is the name we have given our restaurant. The restaurant will serve different Jamaican cuisines with a Spanish twist. The location is in reach to everyone with well thought out parking for our customers. As for visibility, Jamalegre is in sight to the public and not in a hidden area that is out of reach, it is in a Plaza.

The history of our restaurant will take us back to when the Spanish were a part of the Jamaicans.

The overall theme of the restaurant is Jamaican- Spanish seeing that the dishes and the ambiance of the restaurant will give that Jamaican Spanish twist. The menu on the other hand will be in the form of a scroll which goes along with the theme, Jamaica back in the days using bamboo and sticks to make items. The menu will be an Al a carte menu which is a permanently printed list of food items that are offered and available at all times. This menu will allow our customers to build meals to suit, whether straight Jamaican or a mixture of the Spanish and Jamaican in one. The food items will be listed under appropriate headings such as appetizers, salads, entre, desserts and beverages. JAMALEGRE RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE is here to give our customers a different taste with a different spice at the same time a warm and welcoming ambiance.

The History of the Restaurant

One afternoon two partners were conversing about Jamaica’s history, restaurants and the different types there were in Jamaica and along came another partner who joined the conversation. In the conversation Rahanna said “Hold up, is there any restaurant in Jamaica that serves Jamaican dishes with a touch of Spanish spice or a mixture of both?” Marsha the other partner said “you know that is really a good idea, there is no restaurant that I know of with such a creative idea” Donalee the other partner said “Remember when the Spanish came to Jamaica? It is a Good Idea to come up with a restaurant and including them, let’s go for this one”. After brainstorming, the name Jamalegre came about by mixing the first three letters of Jamaica with alegre which in Spanish means alive. The name translated means Jamaica Alive. We came up with this name seeing that Jamaica Alive is not appealing for the restaurant so the mixture of the both will give the restaurant a catchy name. Also, behind the name we thought of Jamaican Dishes – adding more spice to it. We have taken Alive to mean bright, exciting and different. So the mixture of the both Jamaican and Spanish would make a good combination. We also started to remember our history about the time the Spanish were apart of us and so the concept of the restaurant made it even better. So we decided on a place where people could eat great food and enjoy exotic drinks, but also have fun, surrounded and infused with the Jamaican Spanish spirit. The décor refers to the many historic and priceless...
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