Mental Health Promotion

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Mental Health Promotion

Many people’s lives bring them to a place they never thought of being in. This is the case in the life of JE thus far. JE is a thirty year old, Caucasian male, who suffers from bi-polar disorder. JE has a hard time holding a job and has a long history of drug abuse and trouble with the law. His family life growing up was less than perfect living in a broken home mainly with an abusive, alcoholic father who was never satisfied with the accomplishments of his young son. His mother was willing to help but JE did not get along with her or his sister very well. JE completed high school with average grades but excelled at almost every major varsity sport the school offered. JE’s talent level was so high that at one point he was the starting pitcher on the baseball team, the starting center on the basketball team, and the starting quarterback on football team. Oddly, this success put an even greater strain on the relationship with his father who constantly pushed JE to do more or do it better. JE states it was far too much stress for a person his age and caused many arguments and fights. This conflict eventually forced JE to move out of his father’s home and into an apartment of his own. JE points to this time as a turning point in his life and regrets the decision to this day. JE began to miss school and practice and had little or no contact with his family. He spent most days trying to find work and most of his night’s doing drugs and drinking. This lifestyle lead JE to drop out of high school and work full time as a construction worker. He states he used the excuse of having to support himself to justify the decision even though he knew all along that he could live with his mother instead. In this brief period of time, JE missed many opportunities to change his life forever including finishing high school and a scholarship to play football at a division one school.

JE is currently getting along all right but has had several recent manic episodes that alerted him he might be a need to seek treatment. JE has just a few people he can count on including his sister and few close friends from his job. Most of the other people in his life are fellow drug abusers. JE’s sister is very concerned for his well-being and has asked him to get help on several occasions. JE has gone to a handful of AA and NA meetings with no success. JE states he has no interest in stopping at this time.

JE needs to address the poly-substance abuse problems before any other treatment can be beneficial. Many of his problems such as fighting, money issues, and self-esteem stem from the drug abuse. Any medications that will be prescribed to help JE control his mental condition will interact negatively and cause dangerous complications. At one point, JE had been seeing a therapist who prescribed Lithium to control the manic episodes but JE was not compliant with the medication regimen after a couple of weeks. It would be my suggestion that an anti-psychotic be prescribed along side of the Lithium in order to control the mania and hyperactivity for the first few weeks (Townsend, 2006). At this point, I feel that JE needs to see an individual therapist so he can receive the attention that a one-on-one scenario can provide.In talking with JE and his family, it is clear that their knowledge of this disorder is limited. I feel it would be beneficial for all of them to learn about some of the different aspects of bi-polar disorder. I would have them learn about some of the triggers that can set off a manic episode in order for them to try to avoid these situations. In addition, it would be helpful for JE and his family understands the cyclic nature of the disorder and how to break that cycle or not play into it (Townsend, 2006). It is important for JE to understand that everyone handles things differently and depression is something that can accumulate over time and become unmanageable.

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