Mental Health Influences in Physical One

Topics: Immune system, Psychology, Medicine Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: February 20, 2013

Many researchers are concerned with mental health and its potential influence on people’s physical lifecondition. They carried out multitude of experiments on animals to check how they react to different stimuli. The study showed that stress is one of the main factors which determine the cause condition of our physical health.

Stress which is provoked by a variety of stimuli may lead to different emotions such as fear, anger, helplessness and depression (Seal, 1997, p. 6). House (1981) claims that stressful situations may cause illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, asthma, migraine headaches and ulcers (as cited in Seal, 1997, p. 11). Moreover, stress may have influence on our moods and behaviour and ‘people under stress may become anxious or depressed and as a result, eat too much or too little, have sleep difficulties, smoke or drink more, or fail to exercise’ (Seal, 1997, p. 11), and this way may have health problems. Cohen (1979) and other researchers also suggest that people are rather to look for medical help than admit to not being able to cope with stressful life (as cited in Seal, 1997, p. 11). Seal (1997) gives an example of a lawyer who in stressful environment felt anxious, headaches and stomach upsets which had impact on his work (p.15). However, Thomson (1981) claims that the psychological and physical consequences of stress can be reduced when a person can control the situation. Kobasa (1982) found out that people with stress – resistant personalities are less likely to get ill, but those who avoid stress may not feel very well (as cited in Seal, 1997, p. 16). Borysenko (1983) proposed the term ‘psychoimmunology’ which refers to psychological factors which influence immune system (as cited in Seal. 1997, p.19). Research on animals shows that fighting and coping with problems such as cancer prolong life. This also refers to health problems such as depression (Seal, p. 20).

When the an organism...
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