Mental Disorder

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Pharmacological Treatment of Medical Disorder

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Mental disorder is an illness of the mind that is characterized by disorganization and confusion in the mind. Mental disorder is by far not realizable early enough, for early realization occurs in very minimal instances. In a survey by Harding, De Arango, Baltazar, Climent, Ibrahim , Ladrido-Ignacio, and Wig (2009), the existence of the ailment cannot be underestimated for of the 1624 patients who needed mental attention in 4 developing countries, 225 cases had psychiatric mobility attributing to 13.9%. Once realised, there are several ways through which a mental condition could be treated, among them drugs (pharmacological), counselling and psychological treatments (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). This paper will address different issues concerning mental disorders, different types of mental disorders and how they affect an individual, and it will show why pharmacology is so far the best way to treat these disorders.

What does Mental Disorder Entail?

According to Marchesi (2008), mental disorder is one of various conditions characterized by distortion of an individual's normal cerebral, emotional, or behavioural functioning, often induced by social activities, physical activities, how the body functions or the genetic factor or among other factors. Research has it that mental illness is most times caused by a combination of several causes including psychological, biological, genetic and environmental factors. Recovery from a mental illness is never a matter of will or self discipline, for the causes are not depended of personal weaknesses or character.

Treatment of mental illness depends on the type of mental illness the patient is suffering from, the severity of the illness, and the treatment that works best for the patient. According to Whitaker & Cooper (2007), treatment of mental disorders aims at ensuring that psychiatric, medical and social needs are met, more so for such ailments as schizophrenia. Ormel, VonKorff, Ustun, Pini, Korten, and Oldehinkel, (1994) observe that among other treatment team, one has to ensure that the family is there since it is the primary care taker. Others include a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and a social worker. All these members participate in the following ways in treatment of the sick:

• Psychological Therapy-A treatment where the patient is attended by a psychologist, doctor or a health professional who makes them aware of their symptoms and concerns and helps them on new ways of thinking on how to manage their ailments.

• Medication-This is where drugs are offered to the patient for a while on an ongoing basis. The doctor ensures that the drugs taken by the patient benefit the patient and have minimal side effects. According to Sammons and Schmidt (2001) mental illnesses are closely associated with changes in the brain chemistry. Pharmacology helps in restoring the original chemical balance in the brain, thereby reducing the symptoms and sometimes eliminating the fully.

• Community support programs-These are programs put in place to help people with recurrent symptoms or those with psychiatric disability. It includes among other things accommodation, training, psychosocial rehabilitation and mutual support to groups.

As such, pharmacology remains an ideal solution for mental disorders for it is the only approach that has the capacity to affect the chemical structure of the brain, which is a major factor in brain disorders. Pharmacology is the study of drugs, their sources, their nature, and their properties. It is also the study of the body's reaction to drugs. Pharmacology seeks to find a solution to these disorders in terms of biochemical drugs that are scientifically proven to be of help in curbing some of these disorders. It is mainly a biomedical science...
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