Myth of Mental Illness

Topics: Insanity defense, Schizophrenia, Mental disorder Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: May 12, 2013

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From: Chris Hodge
Sent: Monday, May 6, 2013 1:09 AM
Subject: Term paper

Maithan Hodge
Psychology 1100
Professor Josh Dietz
Point Of View In the Book, The Myth Mental Illness, Thomas S. Szasz states that Mental illness is philosophy that humanity use to figure clarity inequalities of someone. He argue that mental is a common hypothesis and also what analysts. It seem like ‘mental illness’ is what people stamped different. It’s nonappearance of independently apparent, genetic, bacteriology, mental illness is a communal. Strict speaking, disease or illness can affect only the body” hence, there can be no mental illness. Mental illness is a metaphor. Mind can be sick only in the sense that jokes are sick or economies are sick. Psychiatric diagnoses are stigmatizing labels, phrased to resemble medical diagnoses and applied to person whose behavior annoys or offends other. Those who suffer from and complain of their own behavior are usually classified as neurotic those whose behavior makes other suffer, and about whom others complain, are usually classified as psychotic. Mental illness is not something a person has, but is something he does or is. If there is no mental illness there can be no hospitalization, treat mental, or cure for it. Of course, people my change their behavior or personality, without...
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