Mental and Emotional Development

Topics: Childhood, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Write an essay of approx 1,000 words about your understanding of the older child. Include detail of mental and emotional Development.

Going to school marks a new horizon of a child’s life at a time when he/she thinks they are ready for the greater challenges. Children are curious about the use of letters and words to convey meaning, and have the manual dexterity to hold a pen or pencil and begin to write. Together reading and writing broadens the child’s experience enabling him/her to learn more about the world he/she lives in. Their mental ability allows him/her to understand the symbols of letters and numbers and by manipulating these new experiences develop. The vocabulary of a five year old should be 2000 words and with exposure to new ideas and other children this will rapidly increase. The English language, for example are hard to learn, children can use increasingly complex sentences and make fewer grammar errors as they progress through school. One of the key tasks involves in metal development at this age is logical and consistent thinking. The school aged child also learns to create more and more sophisticated classication systems, such as the characteristics of reptiles and mammals, or the differences between towns and cities. They often involve these new skills in their play such as playing cards. Relational concepts such as left and right are tackled during this phase of childhood, although this is difficult for the child to learn. When number skills are developing, concepts such as clock time can be introduced and also the use of money. The mental developments:

Five year olds: 2,000 word vocabulary talks consistently, know primary colours; yellow, red and blue, can count to ten, names days of the week, asks for definitions. Six year olds: Learns to read with understanding, knows some streets in local neighbourhood, and knows difference between morning and afternoon. Seven year olds: Begins to show interest in cause and effect, knows the value of...
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