Memories from the Past to the Present.

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Maria “Delmy” Cardoza
ENG 100


“Let’s go up mom”! Says my 8 years old. Its spring time, a sunny day at my favorite place. Is a grassy land, with hills around, with an amazing view, where you can see the whole city, the ocean, the forest around and the hiden houses that you can't see from the road; bushes cover the hills and there are a few trees. Families and most of them are old people who come out as the weather welcoming them to walk trough the paths.

The park name is Anna Jean Cummings, but people also call it “Blue Ball Park”, known by that name for an incledible size of four blue balls placed on one of the first hills in the park, everybody pretend to pushe them down, peoplebing there fot the first time don't go home whith out taking a picture whith the blue balls. Playgrounds are for different ages, I belive has something for everybody, four soccer and two baseball fields are full of kids every weekend, and my favorite from the park way back to the park the most beautiful view from the hills.

Being at this place brings up many memories from my childhood. I grew up in a small town in El Salvador that has hills just like this park.

My mind goes back to my home town when I am at this place, looking at the city, the ocean and the other hills around creates a picture of all those beautiful days when I was a little girl. It inspire me to tell my son how happy a was raised in that small town. It’s not just going for a walk, is all about enjoin time with my family, the weather, the nature, the memories that come from the past and the feeling of freedom when I reach the top.