You Have the Opportunity to Visit a Foreign Country for Two Weeks.

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  • Published : August 21, 2013
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You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit?

David Yong Woo Lee

Although many people have loved traveling abroad in past years, it is still hard for them to travel abroad regularly because of various reasons. Therefore, what we have the opportunity to visit a foreign country sounds very interesting and exciting. Also, the answer to this question would be different depending on peoples’ tastes. In my case, if I have an opportunity to visit another country, I would say ‘America’ without any hesitation.

First of all, the states is the best place for me to go sightseeing because there are a lot of well-designed modern buildings. Many people recommend me to go to Europe if I want to appreciate western architectures, because they think that it is more well-known for western architecture. However, contemporary architecture has been separated into Europe and America after the Second World War. Also, because USA has developed rapidly in all fields, an architecture field is more modern and sophisticated.

Next, I would like to visit baseball stadiums in America. In fact, I am big fan of baseball, and I have always wanted to do it there because America is the country from which baseball has originated. Especially, AT&T park located in San Francisco is one of the most attractive and wonderful stadiums because it is the only stadium in the world next to the sea. Do you know what happen there? During the game, some people ride on a boat and even go into the water to grab a home run ball, Of course, when the ball have great value.

Finally, I will be able to communicate with foreigners. When we visit other foreign countries, the biggest problem is communication with native speakers. You can never do anything without speaking, it is necessary. As for me, I like to speak English and to study, so it will be a great chance to check my ability and learn something new from native speakers. Therefore, I...
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