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Topics: Education, Psychology, Teacher Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: November 30, 2011
When I think back to my most memorable teacher I immediately am reminded of my third grade teacher Ms. Castaldi. Her classroom was set up in small groups of four around the room, her desk in the middle. I liked this classroom arrangement as a child because I felt like she was one of the students. Ms. Castadli treated all her students with respect and was extremely caring and understanding, like a mother. She had a true passion for what she did and it really showed because all of her students were successful in the classroom.

Mathematics was never my best subject growing up, but she made it enjoyable by always including an activity which made it easier to make a connection to what she was teaching. Ms. Castaldi would reward students when they correctly answered a question or read a passage from the text book aloud. She encouraged her students to ask questions, no question was silly or inappropriate. She would answer every question to the best of her ability which would ultimately help us integrate the new knowledge learned and apply it to what we already knew. Her approach to teaching included verbal and physical explanations. I think this was a successful method of teaching because it allowed the student to look at what they are being taught in a different way. While also getting the student involved in the learning process verse just a lecture which children often tune out.

I would consider her one of my most memorable teachers because she motivated me to want to become a teacher. Ms. Castaldi made an impact on my outlook at school by making it fun and educational. Her technique and methods of learning that worked with me have helped me to be a successful student.
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