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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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I enjoyed the movie Memento, not only for the creative cinematography, but also for the intensity of the plot. The cinematography and artistic creativity needed to tell the story the way Nolan does it is mind-blowing. Even through the unique style of filming, I found myself easily wrapped up in the story. The story itself, being of revenge and love, was intense and because those are two strong human emotions, I found myself relating to the movie well.

I liked that I had to pay close attention to keep up with the story because of the scene transitions. Because of the way the movie’s story was told backwards, I was introduced to the characters and the development of them throughout the moive was abnormal compared to most movies. I found this abnormal development to be cool and entertaining, but a little annoying because it made it hard to figure out people’s true motives and intentions.

The philosophical issues presented in the movie mainly revolved around personal identity because of the main character’s (Leonard) short-term memory condition. One of the issues illustrated by Memento is whether or not we are responsible for our actions if we have no ability to remember them after they’ re done. I believe because Leonard was fully aware of his actions and morality when he acted, that he is just as responsible for his actions as you or I would be for ours. Another personal identity issue brought up by the movie is whether or not it is acceptable to lie to oneself to makes one happy. Leonard manipulates himself into making “Teddy” his new murder target so that he can have a goal in his life and find eventual “happiness”. I understand this issue but I haven’t formed a concrete opinion on whether or not I believe it’s an appropriate way to handle life and provide yourself with “happiness”.
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