Meeting Business Objectives with Multimedia

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Meeting Business Objectives with Multimedia

Promotion and Advertising
Promotion and advertising using multimedia is an effective technique to use that will greatly improve the quality of the advertisements. Depending on what type of multimedia have been used will determine the amount of audience that will take interest to the advertisement, an example of a multimedia can be a sound is added to the advert, this will then attract a wide range of audience due to the sound which is being projected from the device and also small video clip or animation can be added within the advert greatly improving the quality and increasing the chances of users to be attracted so that they can read the contained information. The information can be displayed using animation, moving images or clips that will increase the entertainment factor so that it is more effective for them to keep on watching.

Education and Training
The use of multimedia within education and training can benefit a wide range of users, for example sound if a user is trying to learn a new language they may not pronounce the word properly however if sound have been added this will allow them to say the word correctly so that they can be easily understood this is because the sound will teach them and lead them to the correct path. Employers can also use multimedia in one of their training course. They may provide the trainee step by step instruction explaining how things may be dealt with in the business explaining by using moving images, sound and video clips. Using multimedia in education and training allow people to greatly improve their ability and understand easier the process of something.

Entertainment and Leisure
The entertainment and leisure business commonly use multimedia, it is vital for them to use it, this is because the use of multimedia within their business allows them to easily advertise their product promoting them using different types of techniques. Using sound will help them send...
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