Mediterranean Diet

Topics: Nutrition, Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular disease Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: March 11, 2013
March 06, 2013

The Mediterranean Diet

Unlike most diets, the mediterranean diet isn’t meant to make one promote massive weight loss. The mediterranean diet was created because studies for about 50 years have shown that it helps accomplish good health. Along with fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, eggs, and small amounts of fish and poultry, the mediterranean diet also consists of plenty of physical activity.

The mediterranean diet has show to reduce LDL which is low density lipoprotein which is bad cholesterol. The reduction of LDL helps prevent heart attacks and strokes by clogging and narrowing the arteries.

The mediterranean diet consists of servings of fruit and vegetables and healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts. In the mediterranean diet the eating of red meat is also minimized while the consumption of fish is increased. Wine is also consumed during the diet. Because of this combination, the mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets to be found around the world.

The mediterranean diet also helps prevent many health issues such as Alzheimer’s. According to a study by Columbia University Medical Center following the mediterranean diet closely reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by about 40 percent. The mediterranean diet is also believed to reduce the risk of development of Parkinson’s Disease because of the high diet in fruits, vegetables, fish and less of saturated fats and red meats.

In conclusion the mediterranean can help you achieve good health, it can help prevent health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In my opinion I think more people should consider trying the mediterranean diet because you could still enjoy great food while staying healthy.
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