Fad Diets Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Low-carbohydrate diet Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Fad Diets
Are Fad Diets good for you or are they bad? Fad diets refer to a weight loss plan that is very common for a short period of time. With this diet it is said one will lose weight by methods other than calorie restrictions. Some fads diets for example the Grapefruit diet, the benefits of a particular food and base a person’s whole diet on that one food. Other fad diets restrict the consumption of one food group while emphasizing the consumption of other food group proteins. People that had tried fad diets say that many of these diet plans can cause adverse health issues in the long run, while other people that have also tried fad diets claim that the diet plans have proven to be a very great weight-loss technique. Now its your turn to decide what side you are on.

Good and effective weight loss methods are diets that restrict or exclude certain foods and focus on healthier foods. Over time it is said that a low-card diet works just as well as a low-fat diet at losing some weight. In a two year study both diets improved cholesterol that included group counseling. The low-carbohydrate diet got a bigger boost in their often called good cholesterol, about double the amount of those on low-fat. The low-carb diet has done better at weight loss in six months. According to Gary Foster, director of Temple University’s Center for Obesity Research and Education, who led the federally funded stud, he said “the low-carb boost is the kind one might get from medicines that improve HDL. He also said “for a diet, that’s pretty impressive”.

Some weight loss methods that are not safe are diets that restrict or exclude major food groups because they can be harmful to one’s health. Diets can affect more than just weight, the low-carb, and no-carb diets have the strongest potential for negative impact on thinking and cognition. According to Holly A Taylor a psychology professor at Tufts says “The brain needs glucose for energy, and diets low in carbohydrates can be...
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