Medici Legacy

Topics: Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici, House of Medici Pages: 4 (1756 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Medici Legacy: Renaissance Ideals and Scientific Revolution
The Medici legacy brought a reform of new ideas by allowing great minds to express and contemplate the universe. The Renaissance allowed the Medici to fully grant a new form of thinking that led to effects that have split the church and science defining a new era of human worth. The Medici wealth and taste in art endorsed the ideas that many thought moved away from the Vatican Church orthodox way of thought and caused such controversy for fear it would bring the fall of Florence which concluded with a bloody war for the right to question the power of the Church. The Medici brought great minds with them like Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo Galilei. The Medici Renaissance as its own rebirth also gave the birth, or rather the force that pushed for the Scientific Revolution. At the early heights of the Medici Empire, Lorenzo De Medici, came on to power at the death of his father. Lorenzo started a new form of connection with the people of Florence by opening his house to the common folk of Tuscany, but most importantly also establishing a pipeline of influence with the intellectuals and philosophers that passed by Florence with inviting them to feast and sharing new ideas that were to secular to be spread around therefor this led to many turning against the Medici for embracing such lifestyle of question everything (Mosse). However such ideas were being tolerated by the most powerful family in Florence and henceforth brought a brazenness feeling that really signified the state of the Renaissance and the power the Medici had to embrace it, however not without getting the attention of important figures of Italy and setting a seed of jealousy and envy in rivaling families. After returning to Florence after the failed attempt of the Pazzi to assassinate him and take over Florence, Lorenzo now the magnificent takes complete control of Florence governing every aspect of the government to establish security for...
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