Medical Transcription Research Project

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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As a medical transcriptionist, you’ll work with many different medical specialties. It’s important to have a basic knowledge of medical specialties so you can better understand the medical transcription submitted.

Go to to
read the instructions for research projects. Then follow
these steps:
1. Identify eight medical specialties. List the specialties and write two paragraphs about seven specialities.
2. From the eight specialties you cover, select one that particularly interests you. For this eighth specialty, you’ll
prepare a two-page report and include the following:
 The type of additional training physicians receive to
become licensed in this specialty
 The type of allied health care professionals the
specialist may work with and the reason for the
connection with these other health care professionals—
for example, orthopedic surgeons may refer
their patients to physical therapists for rehabilitation
 Conditions, diseases, or injuries patients seen in
this specialty may have
 At least three products, such as medications,
orthotics, durable medical equipment, nutritional
supplements, or other materials used in the
specialty (medical transcriptionists will be expected
to know the names of products associated with medical
specialties, so this will be good practice)
 Your speculation on the type(s) of reports a medical
transcriptionist might expect to receive when working
within this specialty
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98 Research Project
Include Web references for your specialties. Make sure you
provide a clear explanation of each of the eight specialties. Pretend your instructor has no previous knowledge of these
specialties and must gain a basic understanding of them
from your explanation.
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