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Medical textiles, also known as biomedical textiles, are textile products and constructions for medical and biological uses, e.g., first aid, clinical, or hygienic purposes. (SASMIRA, 2007)

The term medical textile literally means textile used for medical purposes. Textile apart from being a vital part human life is long since been used in medical field, though the term has been coined very recently. Textile materials have wide range properties such as flexibility, elasticity, strength etc. Textiles used for medical purposes should be non-allergic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, and antistatic in nature, optimum fatigue endurance, biocompatibility, flame proof, dyes must be non-irritant. An important and growing part of the textile industry is the medical and related health care and hygiene sectors. The extent of the growth is due to the constant improvements and innovations in both textile technology and medical procedures. (Yogita Agrawal (Associate Prof), 2008) Combination of textile technology and medical sciences has resulted into a new field called medical textiles. New areas of application for medical textiles have been identified with the development of new fibres and manufacturing technologies for yarns and fabrics. Development in the field of textiles, either natural or manmade textiles, normally aimed at how they enhance the comfort to the users. Development of medical textiles can be considered as one such development, which is really meant for converting the painful days of patients into the comfortable days. (Chet Ram Meena) Medical textiles are one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the technical textile market, according to reports, and hosiery products with medical industry applications are among a long list of textile products being consumed in that market. An important field of application of textile in medicine has been developed such as wound care and preventing chronic wounds. Bandages and wound dressings are most commonly used because they are affordable and reusable. Textile products are used in medical and healthcare sector in various forms. The complexity of applications has increased with research and developments in the area of medical textiles. Recent advances in medical textiles to be used as extracorporeal devices are also significant. Nonwovens are a major player in the medical textiles field. Nonwovens are beginning to take the place of woven and knits as they offer disposability at a time when fear of disease contraction is at its height. Medical textiles are proving to be just as important as the medicines that are used today. These textile products act in the same capacity as they treat and prevent medical problems with patients. Businesses and scientists are combining efforts to develop new medical textiles that optimize biocompatibility, sterility, leak resistance, and wear of medical products. The various applications of different fibre in medical field are shown as follows: Current Issues Sr No. | Fibre | Application in medical field | 1 | Cotton | Surgical clothing gowns, Beddings, Sheets, Pillow cover, Uniforms, Surgical hosiery | 2 | Viscose | Caps, Masks, Wipes |

3 | Polyester | Gowns, Masks, Surgical cover drapes, Blankets, Cover stock | 4 | Polyamide | Surgical hosiery |
5 | Polypropylene | Protective clothing |
6 | Polyethylene | Surgical covers, Drapes |
7 | Glass | Caps mask |
8 | Elastomeric | Surgical hosiery |
Medical Textiles Classification
Medical textiles may be divided into two categories: disposable products made of nonwoven materials; and reusable products made of woven or knitted fabrics. No matter what these products are made of, they have to perform 100 per cent of the time. The design of a biomedical textile is driven by its end use. The main factors in designing a biomedical include: • Function: the textile needs to fulfil the purpose for which it was designed • Biocompatibility: the...
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