Medical Secretary

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries usually work in a doctor’s office, clinics, hospitals and private practices. They have a comparable job description as secretaries in other businesses; apart from that they need specialized knowledge of medical terminology and practices and of insurance procedures. Be responsible for personal administrative support to management and the company through shepherding and shaping administrative duties and activities together with receiving and handling information. Secretaries should be proficient in typing and good at spelling, punctuation, grammar, oral communication, good customer service skills, and interpersonal skills.

Job Analysis
* Preparing and managing reports and documents
* Implement and maintain office systems
* Maintain schedules and calendars
* Arrange and confirm appointments
* Maintain and set up filing systems
* Collate information/maintain databases
* Communicate verbally and in writing to inquiries and provide information as requested * Manage office space
Education and Experience
* Medical billing training and/or certification
* Knowledge and experience of software applications- word processing, and database management * Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures
* Extensive knowledge of medical terminology
* Experience in information and communication management
Key Competencies
* Confidentiality
* Attention to detail
* Interpersonal skills
* Customer-service orientation
* Initiative
* Reliability

Welcome to the company Ms. Smith. This practice is devoted to the successful healing process of every patient that we have in our care. You are due to be to work every morning at 9 the end of the day is at 5. You will have 2 fifteen minute breaks, lunch is at 12:30 you have 1 hour for lunch. Answering phones, setting up appointments, entering data into the computer, and filing charts and other various tasks...
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