Medical Equipment-the Miracle of Life

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Medical Equipment-The Miracle of Life
Laura Makula
University of Phoenix

Medical Equipment-The Miracle of Life
When one thinks of Health Care, most think of the Doctor or Nurse that takes care of the impaired individual. However, not too much thought goes into the Medical Equipment used to save lives everyday like, cardiac defibrillators, dialysis machines, ventilators, oxygen therapy and apnea machines. Durable Medical Equipment companies are an important factor in today’s world, for if we did not have the capacity or technology that entails DME, many would not survive serious diseases, internal complications due to accidents and trauma and even sleeping problems. Home care is commonly used due to studies proving that a patient’s healing time is far faster then if the patient was confined in a facility/hospital. According to the National Association for home care, about 7.7 million people are receiving home care, of which only 15 percent require medical assistance from a paid source. The trend is clearly toward continued growth. According to industry analysts, combined sales for in-home kidney dialysis, IV chemotherapy and antibiotic therapy, oxygen and oxygen therapy equipment, and intravenous and enterable (tube feeding) nutrition are expected to climb above $1.3 billion in 1987, with a growth rate of more than 17.5 percent annually for the five years ending in 1991. Indeed, home care has long appealed to consumers (Borfitz, 1988). It helps keep the family intact and gives the ill and handicapped a greater degree of comfort and dignity. Moreover, its cost is from one-tenth to one-half that of institutional care. Caregivers of the family can use medical equipment if expenses are too high. Home health specialists are sometimes hired to provide care and to give instruction as well, so that eventually the family can take over the care-giving role. They teach the patient and family about the...
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