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  • Published : February 10, 2012
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Week Seven Checkpoint
Melanie Goodwin-Deloach

Briefly explain causes and solutions for three of the most common billing and coding errors. What effect does the Medicare National Correct Coding Initiative have on the billing and coding process? Explain your answers.

Some of the most common errors in billing and coding can actually be very easily fixed. They generally come down to not using proper modifiers and this can often result in a service not being covered. If the modifier states a service for a male rather than a female than the payment will be not be paid. This can be fixed by making sure one understands and uses proper modifiers.

One error has to do with upcoding which results in a higher reimbursement. This can be done either purposely or not. If done on purpose, this is fraud. If not then it is a case of not following proper procedures with determining the right code and modifiers. This can be fixed by double checking the coding and billing paperwork before submitting for payment.

Billing without proper signatures on file, is one problem that can be fixed when registering during check in process. This is a simple fix b ut is necessary in order to receive remimbursement.
Some easy ways to fix billing errors is to make sure there is the right staff which has been properly educated and not handling too much claims is responsible for billing. This can be done with the right amount of staff and a system of double checking. This creates a work environment which is productive for both employee and a well run business.
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