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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Culture and Society


A functionalist would regard education as a way for individuals from different communities to come together and collaborate ideas and share knowledge in a variety of fields. i.e. business, accounting, science, health, etc. Education can promote personal feelings of success and failure based upon the individuals determination to accomplished set goals. Furthermore, education benefits students by fostering them in creative and innovative ways to support the political and economic systems. Education allows society to be better prepared for the future, by allowing generation after generation to adequately make new changes, based on previous experiences that may have destabilized society. In addition, education implements core values. Children in America receive rewards for following schedules, following directions, meeting deadlines, and obeying authority. In a classroom setting, education can cause competition amongst students based on grades and/or academics. Society's needs demand that the most capable people get channeled into the most important occupations. Schools identify the most capable students early. Those who score highest on classroom and standardized tests enter accelerated programs and college-preparation courses. Another example would be the networking that occurs in schools. Networking (making interpersonal connections) could become professional or remain personal. Of course, by now we all understand that when a personal relationship is established between students, it could at times lead to them becoming a couple. People place so much importance on this function of education that some parents limit their children's options for college to insure that they attend schools where they can meet the “right” person to marry.

A conflict theorist would view education as a way to promote inequality and established an unbalanced framework. This can be seen when comparing private schools...
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