Mechanical Organs

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Mechanical Organs

Daily life for a person with naturally good health makes an average day possible, but a person with poor health due to internal organ problems can face many challenges. If a person has bad knees or poor eyesight, or even malfunctioning kidneys or heart, the only way to go about solving any one of those problems is to see a doctor and check out the options to fix the problem. Whether a person needs to be put on a transplant list or have surgery right then and there, it can be costly and may need multiple procedures. To have a perfectly working body your whole life seems to be very rare, but what if everyone could have perfectly working organs with just one procedure? This could be possible with mechanical organs that function the way a particular organ is suppose to, but is also totally dependent on itself.

The idea of putting a mechanical organ in a person would make the person a Cyborg. “Manfred E. Clynes and Nathan S. Kline originally coined the term cyborg—an abbreviation of cybernetic organism—in a 1960 article on the future of humans in space. Cybernetics examines human physiology and neurology, looking at mechanical and electrical replacements for these systems” (Klugman, 40). The term cyborg has really been exaggerated due to science fiction movies by giving a person super strength or being indestructible like The Terminator, but even a person with a hearing aid or a pacemaker can also be classified as a cyborg. Although mechanical organs have already been used to keep people alive (i.e. pacemaker), if medical scientists could create an entire organ that is as efficient and the size of a natural organ it would revolutionize the way health care is ran. All that is known in health care is what keeps people alive and help create normal body function, but if there is a different way to keep people alive why not try it. Life support is a machine that can be hooked up to a person externally to keep the person alive, but if man can create...
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