Meaningful Moments in Life

Topics: Family, English-language films, Father Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Life is a made up of a collection of moments. Some people say that one must learn from obstacles that everyone struggles with. Some people say that every challenge helps to achieve strength of character and self-growth. The most significant change in my life was my elder sister’s battle with cancer. Even though it was a very hurtful experience that has drastically affected both me and my family, it helped me know myself better as a person, realize that I can appreciate God’s gift of life and good health and understand what an inspiration my sister is to me and how much love she has given me over the years.

Whenever my sister was home, everything was special and different. Since she was the one who maintained the family’s serenity, there was nothing to argue about when she was present. For instance, when I was a teenager, my dad always pushed me a step harder and tried to create his idea of a social life for me, which was noticeably slowly placing me in depression moods. My sister on the other hand always calmed me down about it, and tried to explain to me the meaning behind fatherhood, and that no matter what he says or does, it’s always for my best and I should cherish him for that. Down through the years and as time evolved, I remembered my sister’s words of wisdom and love as I watched my dad’s heart break every time he saw her in pain.

As I watched my sister fight her battle with patience and a big smile, I realized that even in her weakest moments, she was still our source of love and strength. She helped me understand that it’s in life’s toughest times that you are the strongest, and that by little faith, hope and patience, you will overcome it. She made me value family and strong bonds and brought me to appreciate the little moments and believe in miracles. Even though it was difficult at the beginning, I found out that I was capable of doing anything I wanted as long as I persisted in doing it. Ironically, it was my sister’s pain that made me a...
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