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Topics: Crime, Law, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Criminal Justice System

Kimberly Cruse

Kaplan University

October 14, 2012

CJ150: Juvenile Delinquency

The current juvenile justice system (JJS) has evolved over the past century with numerous differences that distinguish it from the criminal justice system (CJS). Juvenile justice proponents argued that the youth posses diminished responsibility as well as legal understanding. The earliest court started in Chicago, in 1899. A century later, there has been considerable debate on the goals as well as the legal procedures for handling juvenile offenders. The most intriguing question is whether to treat juvenile offenders differently than adult offenders. This debate draws numerous opinions from citizens, policy makers, and specialists (Edwards, 2008).

Initially, the establishment of the JJS targeted individualized justice, and it focused on rehabilitation of youthful offenders. However, although there were other outstanding mitigations, the court superseded with its emphasis on care and rehabilitation of the juvenile offenders. Consequently, the proponents upheld the youth responsible for their unlawful behavior. In addition, they asserted that society needed protection through an informal justice system (IJS). This would focus on the suitable treatment and children’s interests. Moreover, this approach is still applicable and effective for numerous juvenile offenders whose crimes state offenses and property offenses to drug offenses.

Sources have revealed that a number of states have adopted separate programs within the adult correctional centers. Florida and South Carolina are the two states that have established different facilities for housing juvenile inmates. The age range is the key determinant of which youth ought to be housed in such facilities. In the above-mentioned states, the two age ranges are between 18 and 21, or 18 and 25. I also support the idea of housing them in different facilities...
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