Mean People

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Habitually Clean v. Unorganized Mean People Vs. Sloppy People

In Suzanne Britt’s essay titled “Neat People vs. Sloppy People,” she is essentially making a comparison between those who are neat freaks and those who are more unorganized. It is clear that she is more on the side of those who are a little less organized. Britt says that “neat people” are selfish and unmotivated. It is clear that she is more in tune with the so called “sloppy people.” Britt begins the story by saying the difference between the two is based on moral. However, is it really moral that makes them different? What is right in one person’s eyes may be different in another’s. Britt goes on to say that “sloppy people” are not really sloppy just victims of their own integrity. Unorganized people are just more carefree, and not as uptight as the people who are habitual about their cleanliness. People who are unorganized, live in a fairy tale land and can’t really see that their house is untidy, with piles of papers on their desks, book cases that are overflowing with books and magazines that need to be sorted, or that stack of mail they have been meaning to go through. Untidy and unorganized, promise themselves that they will get around to doing those tasks someday, however, they have other things going on that are just as important. Britt goes on to say that “sloppy people” save everything. The last letter they received from a relative who has passed away, post cards from travelling relatives, locks of hair from their children along with the newspaper clipping telling about how one of their children was the team hero at the football game. They have good intentions of putting together that scrapbook to keep their prized possessions organized. They even tell themselves that they will sit down with the old magazines and read them so they can be tossed out. Britt says “sloppy people” never truly get organized. They keep everything, with full intentions of filing it away, and getting organized,...
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