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General purpose : to inform.

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience that three causes of bad breath in adults.

Central Ideas: The three causes of bad breath arepoor oral hygiene, diet or dry mouth and morning breath.

Main points :

1. The first caused of bad breath is poor oral hygiene.
2. The second caused of bad breath is diet or dry mouth.
3. The third caused of bad breath is morning breath.

1.0 According The Free Dictionary by Farlex, Bad breath, also called halitosis, is an unpleasant odor of the breath. 2.1 Usually it is due to poor hygiene, but it can be an indication of underlying health problems. 2.0 What causes bad breath is the one question so many adults would like to know. 3.0 This Problem for adults can be embarrassing, annoying and very frustrating at times. 4.0 Do you find yourself turning your head away while talking to people and even constantly having to buy chewing gum or mints just to hopefully disguise your smell while talking to people? 5.0 While I am doing my reading on this issue, I have read a quote from Trump Donald once said,” Do you mind if I sit back a little?Because your breath is very bad”. 6.0 I have read a number of articles about bad breath, check out these crazy statistics on people that suffer from bad breath. 7.0 According the Bad Breath Institute said, more than 80 million Americans suffer from bad breath. 8.0 It’s reported that between 14 and 25 percent of Americans and 35 to 45 percent of the entire world’s population have chronic bad breath. 9.0 Because of their condition, bad breath sufferers are 60 percent more likely to suffer from stress than non-sufferers. 10.0 Even professionals who suffer from this condition do not realize that they havebad breath. 11.0 Today I would like to inform you about the three causes of bad breath it is by poor oral hygiene, diet or dry mouth and morning breath.

Transition: [ If you’re one of 80 million Americans suffering from chronic bad breath, here are some of the possible causes that can help you to realized you are part of bad breath. ] BODY
1. According to Dr. Geoffrey, there are three common causes of bad breath. 1.1. The first cause of bad breath or Halitosis is poor oral hygiene that the most common cause of bad breath. 1.2. Bacteria that coat your teeth, tongue and gums can cause plaque (the soft white deposit that forms on the surface of the teeth), gum disease and dental decay. 1.3. These bacteria combine with saliva and food in the mouth, breaking down food particles and proteins. 1.4. This releases an unpleasant-smelling gas.

1.5. If you do not brush and floss your teeth regularly, any food that is trapped between your teeth will be broken down by the bacteria, causing bad breath. 1.6. These bacteria can also live in the rough surface of the tongue. 1.7. According Grayson, bacteria can then coat the teeth and cause tooth decay and irritation to the gums. 1.8. Therefore, as well as brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue can help control bad breath. 1.10 Any oral hygiene problems should be picked up and treated in regular check-ups with a dentist or hygienist.

Transition: [ let’s proceed to second causes of bad breath ] 2.0 Another common reversible and transient scenario is that of bad breath after prolonged diet or dry mouth. 2.1.1 According Alice from Colombia Health, diet or dry mouth can also be caused by medications such as antihistamines and decongestants, continual breathing through the mouth. 2.1.2 This bad breath may have its origin in the stomach. 2.1.3 When one has not eaten food for a prolonged time, the acids and various...
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