Mcdonals V.S Burger King

Topics: Hamburger, McDonald's, Burger King Pages: 3 (706 words) Published: March 4, 2012
1. When comparing McDonalds’ service to Burger King’s, the service at Burger King is faster. 2. Burger King is known to provide the customer with many choices and also to provide quicker service. 3. burger king uses a grill to cook their meat while mcdonalds just uses an industrial stove top, the meat is more greasy at mcdonalds 4. McDonald’s had over 21.6 billion dollars in revenue last year. Burger King had only about 10% of that with the sales totaling 2.06 billion dollars last year. 5. Comparing the hamburger size McDonald’s weighs slightly less; it is only 100g while Burger King’s weights 121g. 6. the total fat content for each burger it results that McDonald’s hamburger has only 9g of total fat while Burger King’s has 12g, but taking in account the size difference the fat content is reasonably comparable. 7. McDonald’s hamburger has 520g of salt, while Burger King’s hamburger has 560g of salt, but again thinking about the size difference in the end the salt content is the same. 8. I prefer to eat the Burger King’s hamburger with regard to the meat. The hamburger is much more thick, and it makes me feel like I am eating real meat and McDonald's seems like their meat is just scrap pieces. 9. The bread Burger King’s  binds much less with the contents of the sandwich unlike the bread of McDonald's. 10. At mcdonald's I find more excess condiments then an actual sandwich. It almost feels like I am eating a salas. 11. Also regarding french fries I absolutely prefer Burger King ones they have more flavor and they are less salty. 12.  McDonalds is cheaper than Burger King, and has more value.  13. Burger King is almost the same as McDonalds, except Burger King has greater numbers in the health categories than McDonalds. 

14. There’s one difference, McDonalds may have less of each of the categories but in fact, McDonalds uses more artificial ingredients than Burger King.  15. Take for example the Fries statistics. Looking at the sodium, McDonalds has less than...
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