Mcdonalds Sociology to the World

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Sayer Addington
Sociology 110-007
McDonaldization Theory Social Observation Assignment

When confronted with the word, McDonald’s, most people think of the Whopper Meal, or a bright yellow M, famously known as the “Golden Arches” (Macionis 121), sitting on the side of the highway. Little do they know that over 33,000 McDonalds are operating worldwide, one of which holds fifteen hundred people. Not only a “symbol of U.S. Culture” (Macionis 121), but it has become a theory of sociology, unknown to most, conveniently named the “McDonaldization Theory”.

The McDonaldization of Society is based off the findings of George Ritzer (1993), in which he found four basic principles that our society correlates with the McDonalds Empire; those four principles are efficiency, predictability, uniformity and control. Ray Kroc is a marketer for McDonalds Corporation. He was responsible and claims the high success rate for McDonald’s massive expansion. The idea Kroc had, was that in “fifty seconds, a customer would be served an entire meal consistent of hamburger, fries and milkshake. Customers would pick up their meals, dispose of trash, stack their trays as they walk out or pick up the food and drive off,” (Macionis 121). Such efficiency is the central nervous system of McDonalds and why it is so successful. To get successfully from point A to point B requires a sense of rhythm and harmony between the customer and the McDonalds crew members. When visiting McDonalds for a quick apple pie and milkshake, I observed this little seen ability in action. From the time the cashier took my order, it took no less than 41 seconds to complete my order and send me on my way. Not only is that nine seconds less than Kroc’s originally planned goal, but highly efficient. Even as my order was being processed, two more customers were already waiting in line to receive their meals. I watched in fascination at the smoothness of the process. By the time I went to my table, the two...
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