McDonald's SWOT and PEST Analysis

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  • Published : June 25, 2012
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Unit 4- Task 4
SWOT Analysis
“The results of a questionnaire given to 200 people that regularly visit McDonalds found the following: * 85% are happy with the service in their local McDonalds. * 80% would like McDonalds to be open 24/7.

* 50% thought they could make a happy meal healthier.
* 65% would like more wraps on the menu.
* 30% would like part of the menu to be focused on healthier options. * 20% said staff were unfriendly.
* 90% said parking facilities were good.
* 80% are happy with hygiene levels within the business.” Strengths Of McDonald’s
A strength of McDonald’s through this information is that a strong majority with 85% are happy with the service. With this McDonald’s knows that they do not need to dedicate much of their time to improve customer service, this time could be spent on something else. 90% of the 200 people that were asked said that the parking facilities at the McDonald’s restaurants were good enough for the customers. This is very good news as it encourages more potential customers to come in. In the report it was also found that 80% of the people studied said that they were happy with the hygiene levels of the business. Weaknesses Of McDonald’s

From the information given a weakness of McDonald’s would be that 50% of the people thought that the meals could be healthier. Another weakness would be that the business does not have a great enough emphasis on a healthy meal range. With here not being as much healthy food, this alienates potential customers. Opportunities For McDonald’s

From the information, McDonald’s has a wealth of opportunities that it could branch out into. For one 80% would like McDonald’s to be open 24/7, with this it will greatly increase the amount of annual turnover as it will nearly double the amount of hours that it is open for. Therefor it will turn into a huge strength of the business as it will have an hour’s advantage over every other restaurant in the fast food industry....
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