Mcdonald's Expands Globally While Adjusting Its Local Recipe Case 1-2

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International Marketing
Textbook page 30 Case 1-2

1. Identify the key elements in McDonald’s global marketing strategy. In particular, how does McDonald’s approach the issue of standardization? Does McDonald’s think global and act local? Does is also think local and act global? Answer:

Market penetration: McDonald’s is one of the world’s most valuable brands. The golden arches are said to be the second most recognized symbol in the world.
Market development: Because changing lifestyles around the global, more people are embracing the Western-styles fast-food culture. McDonald’s responded to the opportunity by stepping up its rate of new unit openings.

Product development: McDonald’s has worked steadily to prove that it is sensitive to Indian tastes and traditions. Also the Hindu religion prohibits eating beef, McDonald’s development the Chicken Maharaja Mac specifically for Indian.

Diversification: McDonald’s has drive-through windows and indoor playgrounds for children.
McDonald’s thought global and at local, also thinks local and act global. McDonald’s according to the culture to approach the issue of standardization.

2. Do you think government officials in developing countries such as Russia, China, and India welcome McDonald’s? Do consumers in these countries welcome McDonald’s? Why or why not? Answer: Yes. I think government official in developing countries welcome McDonald’s. I do think consumers welcome McDonald’s. It can bring a lot of economic benefits. Such as Russia, there are 235 McDonald’s restaurants and the company employs more than 25,000 people.

3. The Plan to Win initiative is built around five factors that drive McDonald’s business: people, products, place, price, and promotion. As a student of marketing, what can you say about these factors? Answer: It is the best way to drive McDonald’s business. McDonald’s is one of the famous fast-food restaurants in the world. To be a global company, it has to according to the...
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