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Marketing Definition:
Identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs profitably.
Life Cycle Definition:
The product life cycle is the measurement of the products portfolio to measure the different stages of success.

McCain Foods makes chips which are well known globally. They are the leading manufacturer of frozen potato products with a market share of around 33%. They currently have 57 locations worldwide. McCain has always been focused on providing quality and convenience of its product range. They have been very innovative over the past few years in developing healthier versions of their products to suit new markets/consumer changes.

McCain uses a marketing mix to ensure that they achieve their marketing objectives and as a result lead to good customer satisfaction. A product or service will have its own different mix of the four Ps. The right mix will achieve marketing objectives and result in customer satisfaction:

Product - this has to look and taste good and be made from wholesome ingredients •Price - the price has to be attractive to ensure enough sales to generate a profit •Place - the place and position of the product in the market is important to compete for market share •Promotion - this has to fit the company’s objectives for the product. This case study shows how McCain combines all four parts of the marketing mix to develop its marketing strategy.

McCain Foods is the world’s leading manufacturer of frozen potato products. Although McCain is perhaps best known for producing Oven Chips, its product lines are much wider. In the UK they include various other potato products such as McCain Wedges and McCain Home Roasts, as well as McCain Sweet Potato and McCain Micro Pizza. In other countries McCain sells a variety of foods including frozen vegetables, ready meals and desserts. Some products, for example, McCain Oven Chips, captured the public imagination immediately and continue to sell well without needing to be...
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