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1. Introduction
Government of Nepal (GoN) is implementing Urban Development Project in Biratnagar, Morang of Eastern Nepal. Biratnagar is one of the biggest cities after Kathmandu. The industrial, commercial and the administrative activities conducted within the ring road plays a vital role. The in migration of the population caused haphazard settlement. Unplanned settlements are increasing in the Biratnagar and periphery settlement area. The trend is in rise. Narrow lanes are being built to develop the inner plots. Thus a thorough fare as a ring road is perceived. It has been expected that the project will mitigate the present growth externalities. The main objective is to guide the urban growth to the designated urban areas and provide through roads required for future. In this context, Land pooling is to be used to open ring road in Biratnagar. Many successes has been achieved in the implementation of the Land Pooling scheme in different areas with people's participation and cost recovery basis. In the above context, Department of Urban Development and Building Construction has recruited Cemeca Consultant (P) Ltd. on dated 2066/2/17 to carry out Detail Project Report (DPR) of construction of the Ring Road through Land Pooling scheme in Greater Biratnagar, alignment fixing and detailed planning report of land pooling scheme as shown in the map. The Ring Road (RR) of 20m width along with two more 11m roads in its sides will be implemented through land pooling of the land of almost 200m strip. The total length of the road is about 30 Km.

2. Urban context:
The urbanization through haphazard sub-division of plots and unplanned as well as inadequate infrastructures specially road, since the construction of Koshi highway, has been causing inefficiency and environmental deterioration of the area. The increasing growth externalities such as poor air quality, mounting traffic congestion and inefficient urban services are embedding improvement of the quality of life in these areas. The individual institutional effort of either the municipality or the sectoral agencies in addressing these issues has remained uncoordinated and grossly inadequate. Thus planned settlement development with implementable and manageable plans is of paramount importance in the present urban context.

DPR of Ring road construction of Biratnagar, through LP


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3. Concept of This Project
To build a 20m wide road around Biratnagar which is expected to be around 30 km, about 750 ha of land is necessary. To get this land as beneficiaries contribution and also to support urban development there, land pooling is to be implemented. The proposed land-pooling site is envisioned to become through fare transport corridor around Biratnagar municipality rendering a fine balance between urban fabric and environment that suffices primarily the commercial residential and service needs. Apart from urban services, service such as hotels, entertainment and information technology parks etc could be added to add vitality to this new settlement creating job opportunities 5~10% of the project space as the benefices agree should be allocated for recreation park and open space for future junction improvement. The main purpose of this project to create part of the ring road (20m wide) and its development to support urban development around it, land pooling will be done in the a band of 182m along the ring road. The main concept of land pooling scheme lies in readjusting several odd shaped, unserved parcels of land to planned rectangular plot with necessary affordable infrastructures like road, drainage, and open space. Most of the cost for development all locally benefiting...
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