Mayflower Compact

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The Mayflower Compact
1. On the Mayflower, there were two groups that were comprised. There Pilgrims, which was only 41 of them who were called Separatists. They wanted a new life in America so they could freely practice their religion. The rest of the passengers were called “strangers,” which included merchants, craftsmen, skilled workers and indentured servants. The Pilgrims and the “strangers” were different because the Pilgrims went to America for religious freedom. But the “strangers” were there because the Pilgrims brought them in order to increase the chances of economic success. These groups were similar by all of them being common people. 2. The events that forced the passengers to create and sign the Mayflower Compact were that they realized that they needed a temporary government because they were isolated in America and only an established government can come from themselves. Pilgrims and the “strangers” had an argument that the rules and regulations from the Virginia Company no longer applied to them. 3. The facts in the article that supports the Pilgrims were democratic are that the Mayflower Compacts continued the idea of having laws created by the people. They passed laws that benefitted the general good of their colony, which expressed the idea of self-government or democracy. The fact that supports the view that they were not democratic is that in the early years of the colony, Governor Bradford basically decided how the colony should be ruled and it was pretty much like a one-man rule. 4. The most important idea in the Mayflower Compact is self-government and letting the people of the colony have a say in law making. Also, passing equal laws for the general good was another important idea. 50 Word Sentence:

Pilgrims and “strangers made up the 102 passengers on the Mayflower and sought a new life in America for religious freedom, they realized that they needed a temporary government which...
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